Nathan Borror

# Playground is back With every rendition of my person site I must emphasize that this is a work in progress. With that said, welcome to my new playground. Sorry about the neurotic name changes. I can assure you they are over and I'm pretty darn happy with the new digs. ## Why redesign? I wanted to return to my roots. I started out as Playground Blues and this is where I belong. I also wanted something with room to grow. Something that had lots of drawers and cubby holes for me to put random bits. As much as I love structure and organization, taxonomies and folksonomies; I wanted to be able to throw things out there, like little easter eggs. This design lets me do just that. ## To be expected. Don't expect anything from me. It's better that way. I can only surprise you from here on out. My hopes are that you'll begin to see more of those ?'s disappear. I'm really excited about this new direction. I hope too see some of you in Austin at this years South by Southwest! Update: Here's the Photoshop [source]( for this design. Feel free to remix and play. _February 28, 2007 around 10pm_