Nathan Borror

# First impressions How does a machine have soul? We could try and answer by throwing around terms like usefulness, elegance and grace but all our attempts would sound prosaic next to the device I recently became acquainted with. Run and hide Crackberry, the iPhone is here. For people to be drooling over a 4.8 ounce device is not unfathomable especially coming from Apple. This is different. During my first hours with the iPhone I literally felt nervous. I felt like I didn't deserve this, it seemed unreal. 11:00am Saturday: Headed to the coffee house. Do I need my laptop or my notebook, or magazine? Was I really walking down the street listening to my phone? Wait... Whoa... phone call. _Pinch_ Hello... _conversation_ goodbye. Music!!! Some of my friends think I'm crazy but for a UI designer this is as close to nirvana as I've ever experienced. 9:00pm Saturday: Driving to the liquor store. Wait, are they open? iPhone eight ball returns: [decidedly so]( Again... I'm not worthy. It's like those little knowledge cracks in your life are slowly getting sealed. Anything you wanted or needed to know is now within a few gestures. Why remember? Leave it up to the cloud, let your iPhone be your Receiver. This device represents a new bar for [HCI]( It also poses many exciting questions and possibilities. My only hope is that Apple will offer an SDK in the coming months so the collective can contribute. I have confidence the will. Need we be reminded where cover-flow came from? We definitely can't rely on the browser sandbox. It doesn't offer the same grace and fluidity applications garner. _July 1, 2007 around 4pm_