Nathan Borror

# Austin bound I'm headed to Austin, Texas today to partake in the South by Southwest festivities. The panel linup this year looks scrumptious. Unlike my pal [Jeff](, I have no idea what I'll be attending. I will, however, be attending as many evening parties as I can possibly stumble into. I'll definitely be attending the [AMODA]( Digital Showcase, which was fantastic last year, and the Austin On Rails Happy Hour sporting my [Django]( shirt no less. I also highly recommend Drinks with Lifehacker, those dudes know how to party. Hope to see some of you there. If we've never met don't hesitate to introduce yourself. My [SXSW Flickr stream]( should be dripping with nightly photos or join the [Flickr pool]( Oh yeah, if I see any of you at the Happy Hour Sponsored by Microsoft Expression Studio, I may have to hurt you. _March 8, 2007 around 12am_