# Subversion Love I have a new [love.](http://subversion.tigris.org) For the past year I've been putting off this slightly important part of being a [pragmatic programmer.](http://pragmaticprogrammer.com/ppbook/index.shtml) I've heard the horror stories of CVS so I steered clear of it for this new flavor of life saving loveliness. Gone are the days of, "is this the newest copy?" Goodbye to unsettling feelings of cautiously dragging and dropping files from one server to the next. From this day forth we'll use words like "Commit" and "Revert" and "Diff" to name a few. [Dreamhost](http://www.dreamhost.com/panel/features.html#svn) is my repository of choice. They make it so simple. Set up a new project in the panel and away you go. Mike Zornek of [Clickable Bliss](http://clickablebliss.com/) has a very straight forward [screen-cast](http://clickablebliss.com/blog/2006/04/26/introduction_to_subversion_screencast/) on the subject. Normal breathing may now commence. _April 30, 2006 around 11pm_