# Piercing my tongue I just bought a new nano and Nike+ kit but I didn't want the Nike shoes nor did I care for the recent 'velcro' hack. Instead of looking like a huge geek with a [transmitter in my laces](http://podophile.com/2006/07/14/shoe-hacker-nikeipod-sport-kit-shoe-mod/), I decided to surgically insert the transmitter into my shoe tongue. ## Step 1 Gather up your favorite running shoe. Find an exacto knife or razor blade of sorts and buy a Nike+ kit. ![Image][http://www.domaki.com/media/posts/2006-sep-15/01.jpg] ## Step 2 Loosen up your strings and stick out your tongue. ![Image][http://www.domaki.com/media/posts/2006-sep-15/02.jpg] ## Step 3 Cut a slit about an inch in length into the backside of the shoe tongue. Try not to cut all the way through to the other side. ![Image][http://www.domaki.com/media/posts/2006-sep-15/03.jpg] ## Step 4 Slip in the Nike+ transmitter and push it down into the tongue. ![Image][http://www.domaki.com/media/posts/2006-sep-15/04.jpg] Congratulations! Your ready to run in your favorite pair of shoes. _September 15, 2006 around 6am_