# Innocent Bystander Everyone should participate in a little people watching activities. It allows you to jump out of your inner chaotic life and realize that you're not alone. Now, there are a few keys to successful people watching. I'll share some of mine, then you can pass yours along if you wish. - **Avoid eye contact.** In order to remain a fly on the wall you must avoid eye contact at all costs. After a while you begin to anticipate when someone will look at you. This is a honed skill that comes with time and patients. A good pair of sunglasses can help beginners. - **Daydreaming is a side effect, and its Okay.** This allows you to "figure stuff out." In my opinion we don't daydream enough. We get so caught up in **doing** and we forget _why._ Those are perfect moments to gain _understanding_ with the help of those around you. - **Location is key.** I like coffee hang outs. Villages, Malls, Districts, or any high traffic parts of your metropolis where eclecticism is prevalent. I prefer a corner in midtown where coffee houses collide, a lonely clothing store awaits hipsters, and bars are armed with dollar draws and outdoor patios. The collage of people has the characteristics of a [Rauschenberg](http://images.google.com/images?q=rauschenberg) exhibit. Now its your turn. How, where, and why do you people watch? What strange stories have you made up or overheard during your excursions? Do tell :) _September 24, 2005 around 10pm_