# Just Do It One of my most influential [professors](http://art.smsu.edu/peophtm/kosto.htm) from college would always say, "Just do it!" in his thick Bosnian accent during sketch critiques. I'm not sure whether he was saying it before [Nike](http://www.nikelab.com) but recently I've been trying to _just do it._ We all have these lists of things we want to do in life. Things we want to [accomplish](http://www.risd.edu), [practice](http://www.actionscript.org), [learn](http://www.propellerhead.se/), [experience](http://www.bugeurope.com/). We recall the list in our day dreams but loose sight of how easy it is to _just do it._ Then we come up with excuses and reasons why it's impossible to _just do it_ or decide it's not the right time to _just do it._ Recently I've been trying to abolish some of my brick walls that prevent me to _just do it._ I started this weekend by purchasing a keyboard. I've always wanted to experiment with playing and creating music. Once I get a MIDI converter for my laptop and pending I start to sound good :) I'll post some of my creations in the Lab. Good luck with your wall demolition. _January 4, 2004 around 12am_