# Inspirational Journeys In 1947 sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, moved too Thunder Mountain. He constructed a 741 foot staircase to the peak of the Mountain to begin, with his lone jackhammer, possibly the worlds largest sculpture, [Crazy Horse](http://www.crazyhorse.org/carving/face/index.shtml). For the next 33 years he chipped away at the mammoth mountain side until his death. >His eye is 12 feet wide, his outstretched arm the length of a subway train. And by the time his horse is finished, we'll all be dead. Ready Made The recent issue of [Ready Made](http://readymademag.com/currentissue.php) has its top inspirational ESCape's. They include: [Crazy Horse Memorial](http://www.crazyhorse.org/), [Price Tower](http://www.pricetower.org), [Underground Gardens](http://www.roadtripamerica.com/places/forest.htm), [Marfa](http://www.chinati.org), [Animal Sanctuary](http://www.bestfriends.org), and [Gethesmani](http://www.monks.org). I'm seriously thinking about spending a couple nights in _the tree that escaped the crowded forest,_ then hopping over too _The mounted man of South Dakota,_ and finishing the trip off with a visit too _A solitary man's subterranean legacy._ This is definitely an issue worth checking out. _July 18, 2004 around 8pm_