# First Things First Lately I've been pondering many questions regarding my place as a designer. I feel I may have lost sight of certain goals which have lead me to question my purpose. Design will always be my first love, however, I need to be true to that which I love. I spent time last night rereading The [First Things First Manifesto](http://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/first/toolbox/manifesto.pdf). I recommend FTF to all designers, for it will stir up the same questions floating around in my head. I'm leaving for Manhattan tomorrow for a week. I need a break and I need to clear my head. We're planning to visit [Karlson Wilker](http://www.karlssonwilker.com/), [R/GA](http://www.rga.com/), [Pentagram](http://www.pentagram.com/), [Milton Glaser](http://www.miltonglaser.com/), [Mirko Ilic](http://www.mirkoilic.com/), and as many [galleries](http://www.whitney.org/) [as](http://www.icp.org/) [we](http://www.metmuseum.org/) [have](http://www.moma.org/) [time](http://www.guggenheim.org/new_york_index.shtml) [for](http://ndm.si.edu/). Hopefully this experience will bring answers to my pondering, however, it might just bring more questions. _March 19, 2004 around 12am_