# Double the Pleasure Last night two new albums pitched a tent on my "oh my god" list of music. [The Faint](http://www.thefaint.com) _Wet From Birth_ and [Tom Waits](http://www.officialtomwaits.com) _Real Gone_ are so unbelievably necessary I don't even know why you're still reading. Go get them! The Faint marches forward with its sexy themes and lucius lyrics. My uncertainties about how they would top _Blank-Wave Arcade_ were shattered by the first track and continued to crumble through track two until they were disintegrated with "Southern Belles in London Sing." Each track presents a unique personality ranging from violin accompaniment to a melodic choir of female vocals. Plus you can't beat an album that has a song entitled "Erection." (no pun intended). As for Mr. Waits... Waits challenges the human ear with his contorted vocals and crafted percussion. _Real Gone_ takes you on an unforgettable journey of bizarre scenarios none of which are completely comprehendible. Light a cigar, pour some whisky, press play and put a note on the door, "Real Gone." _October 7, 2004 around 9pm_